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Title Examination

At Oram & Houghton, PLLC, our experienced title attorneys carefully navigate the often complex chains of surface, mineral, and leasehold title and report accurate ownership names and numbers. In addition to providing accurate and precise representations of ownership, we provide logical, practical, and appropriate curative measures and advice for resolving title clouds and issues. At Oram & Houghton, PLLC, we understand that determination of real property ownership, including both surface and mineral rights, is the cornerstone of exploration and production. Consequently, we work with our clients to ensure that drilling operations are not hindered and division orders are properly paid. By providing accurate and precise title opinions, we deliver peace of mind to operators and real property owners.

Title examination has been the main practice area for most of the attorneys at Oram & Houghton, PLLC their entire careers. These attorneys have spent years honing their skills and tailoring their methods to ensure that each title opinion is carefully crafted and efficiently drafted. At Oram & Houghton, PLLC we believe that quality and accuracy are the most important aspects of title examination, but we also know that clients are seeking to receive their title opinions quickly and for a good price. Because of Oram & Houghton’s unique structure, focus, and innovative methods, we can and do deliver quality, accurate opinions extremely quickly and efficiently.

Our title examinations are often conducted for the energy sector for specific purposes such as exploration and production of energy resources, due diligence, financing, or asset acquisition. However, our attorneys also regularly render title opinions for large ranching and agricultural properties and for other purposes.

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Montana, Wyoming, North Dakota, Utah, Colorado, New Mexico, Nebraska, Texas, Oklahoma, Ohio, Idaho, and Minnesota