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Natural Resource Transactions

Oram & Houghton, PLLC knows the oil and gas industry and the terminology necessary to draft quality natural resource transactional documents. The business of acquiring and divesting assets is part and parcel with title examination. Consequently, our attorneys and staff members have years of experience grounded in practical drafting styles and proactive problem solving measures that ensure seamless natural resource transactions. Our team regularly assists clients drafting Purchase and Sale Agreements, Joint Operating Agreements, Farmout Agreements, Exploration Agreements, Right of Way Agreements, Working and Overriding Royalty Interest Assignments, Mineral Conveyances, Royalty Conveyances, Curative Instruments, and numerous other natural resource related transactional documents, agreements, and contracts. In addition to drafting these core documents, we provide timely strategic advice that enables our clients to efficiently accomplish their acquisition and divestiture goals.

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Montana, Wyoming, North Dakota, Utah, Colorado, New Mexico, Nebraska, Texas, Oklahoma, Ohio, Idaho, and Minnesota