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Oram-Houghton, PLLC

Oram & Houghton, PLLC is a distinctive, boutique natural resources law firm that specializes in upstream and midstream operations. The hallmarks of our firm are superior quality, exceptional efficiency, accessibility, and depth of knowledge in various jurisdictions. Outstanding customer service, including being available for client questions and inquiries at any time, is the cornerstone of our practice. We also take great pride in mastery of our practice areas in order to provide a reliable work product that produces value for our clients rather than cost.

Oram & Houghton has distinguished itself as a leading service provider to numerous large and small oil and gas operators throughout the country. Founded behind the idea that smaller firms are more able to provide clients with dedicated service, cut unnecessary costs, and better manage quality control, Oram & Houghton has excelled in all of these categories. Oram & Houghton and its eight attorneys, three paralegals, and mapping team provide unparalleled, dedicated, timely service at the right cost. In addition, Oram & Houghton’s three tier review process on every matter that leaves its office minimizes mistakes and ensures that only the highest quality, precise, and accurate work is provided to clients. Oram & Houghton’s attorneys focus on each matter they are working on as soon as possible after receiving such an assignment, provide constant updates on progress, and continually invite ongoing communication regarding all open and closed matters. Oram & Houghton invites you to reach out to our attorneys and allow us to show you how we can make your life easier and add value to your organization. 

Oram & Houghton — Values, Relationships, Solutions. At Oram & Houghton, we live and work with integrity and values. Life is too short to live otherwise. We also treasure the relationships we make while serving our clients. Clients are people, with lives and problems. We strive to develop strong friendships within the industries we serve, and cherish each and every person and the opportunity to assist them. In conclusion, we provide solutions. We are not only a necessary cost, but a solution to our clients' headaches and issues. We provide concise, easy to follow guidance on how to avoid catastrophe, cure title issues, and ensure that wells can continue to operate without land or legal issues.

Attorneys Licensed to Practice In:

Montana, Wyoming, North Dakota, Utah, Colorado, New Mexico, Nebraska, Texas, Oklahoma, Ohio, Idaho, and Minnesota